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Olympia Fields CC Hosts BioSwing Dynamics™ / Myelinator™ Global Summit

’Instruction Disruption’ Platform Integrates Myelinator, FocusBand, Smart2Move Technologies
Hosted by E.A. Tischler, Director of Instruction at Olympia Fields CC, Chicago, IL
Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor, Co-founder of BioSwing Dynamics.

“The Myelinator™ is the best technology I’ve found for helping golfers internalize the “Form” of their swings. We all have unique body mechanics, and the Myelinator™ allows me to program a customized swing pattern for each student, and it guarantees they will train it ‘perfectly’ while practicing on their own in between lessons. Every golf instructor needs to have the Myelinator™ in their arsenal of tools.” -E.A. Tischler

Learn About Paradigm Shifting BioSwing Dynamics™/Myelinator™ Ecosystem

'Instruction Disruption' Agenda Overview

Global Summit Highlights

• Hosted by E.A. Tischler, Director of Instruction at Olympia Fields CC, Chicago, IL Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor,
Co-founder of BioSwing Dynamics
• Observe how the 3-D sensor-based Myelinator™ can train the form of the student’s swing ‘perfectly’ while making sure it is  customized for his/her biomechanical designs
• See how MyelinatorCloud™ allows each student to 'own his or her golf swing' — with the ability to train with any BioSwing Dynamics Myelinator™ Coach at any of the Myelinator™ locations worldwide
• Learn about the 5-tiered process with golfers advancing through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Protocols
• Learn about cloud-based ‘Instruction Disruption’ Digital Platform
• Understand the power of integration of Myelinator™ and FocusBand™ for ‘deeper practice™, being able to internalize the golfers shot routine while ensuring they are achieving the proper levels of “quiet-mind” and “quiet-eye”
• Also learn about Myelinator Integration with Smart2Move Force Plate Technology
• Hear from top BioSwing/Myelinator instructors Joe Plecker and Jeff Smith and why Myelinator is an essential part of their teaching  programs
• Benefit from innovative ‘Revenue Sharing Model’ - See how your student can ‘practice perfectly’ solo while you are giving another lesson
• Realize that you won’t even need to outright purchase the technology, you will only pay a one-time training fee and then enjoy revenue sharing
• Interact with other teaching professionals who, like yourself, want to be at the forefront of this exciting movement to change the future of golf instruction!
• For those attendees who commit to join our ‘Instruction Disruption’ program there will be a course on the second day upon completion of which you will receive a Certificate of Accreditation becoming a Certified BioSwing Dynamics™/Myelinator™ Coach
The BioSwing Dynamics™/Myelinator™ Ecosystem will provide a total game changer for instruction and learning the game of golf!  Now is the time to get involved!  Save the dates and schedule your trip to Olympia Fields CC for July 31st and August 1st, the future begins now!
• $175 per attendee Register Here
• $145 per attendee (BioSwing Dynamics network only) Register Here
• There is a Holiday Inn Chicago-Tinley Park Convention Center about 9.6 miles from the club. That is a great location to stay, has restaurants and an LA Fitness close by.
• For more information please contact Howard Reisman , 310-387-4149 or
E.A. Tischler, , 408-203-7599

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Myelinate Your Golf Swing With BioSwing Dynamics / Myelinator™

Mike AdamsMike Adams, PGA Professional, Hall of Fame Instructor,
2016 PGA Teach of the Year, Co-Founder BioSwing Dynamics
E.A. Tischler and Howard ReismanE.A. Tischler, Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor, Dir. of Instruction
Olympia Fields CC, Co-Founder BioSwing Dynamics

Howard Reisman, Founder Own My Swing

BioSwing Dynamics™ is a revolutionary approach to learning and coaching golf. Mike Adams and E.A. Tischler, co-founders of the approach, combined their experience, efforts and expertise along with research from other leading scientists, biomechanists and fitness experts to offer one of the best approaches for helping golfers achieve their potential.

PGA Professional Mike Adams is in the Hall of Fame for instruction, was named the 2016 PGA Teacher of the Year Award recipient for his “outstanding services as a golf teacher, innovator and coach,” is recognized annually as one of the finest teachers in the United States as a Golf Digest Top 50 instructor and Golf Magazine Top 100 instructor, and by many is believed to have mentored more top instructors than anyone else. Indeed, Adams is passionate about “teaching the teacher” and is committed to supporting the career growth of his fellow PGA Professionals.

E.A. Tischler is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor and Director of Instruction at nationally recognized Olympia Fields CC outside of Chicago, IL. Tischler has published 28 golf instructional books including his Secrets of Owning Your Swing series. That multi-volume series is based on the concept that the ideal swing is the one that best fits an individual’s unique body mechanics, what E.A. calls YOUR Biomechanical Design. As a player he has won over 30 professional tournaments and by many he is considered the "Pro's-Pro."

“While studying how each individual’s body mechanics are organized”, Tischler explains, “Mike Adams and I have developed BioSwing Dynamics™ which enables us to screen golfers and identify what swing characteristics match each golfer’s unique body. At the cornerstone of our philosophy we have identified 12 biomechanical features that relate to the structure of the human body. Each feature has 3 options and only one of these options fit the individual. To truly “Own Your Swing” you need to know the combination of those 12 feature/options that make up your biomechanical design. We utilize this as the foundation to build an optimized custom swing that produces effortless power, heightens repeatability and increases longevity."


BioSwing Dynamics Overview - Mike Adams


Biomechanics Structural Overview - E. A. Tischler

As cornerstones of the BioSwing Dynamics™ Approach are the concepts that the biomechanics of the golf swing involve the study of Structural, Dynamic and Functional influences. In general, the structural influences establish the parameters of your swing’s form and also those that allow you to swing without putting undue stress on your body. If your swing causes undue stress on the structure of your body you are certain to experience an injury, and that is the last thing they want golfers to experience. The dynamics are mostly the realm of forces and motion. Force creates motion. Therefore, when discussing dynamics, we are talking about the flow of the swing, which involves both internal and external applications of force. One of the areas of external force application is how we pressure the ground to use ground force as a source of power. And that leads us to the understanding and importance of the Kinetic Sequence. The other area of external force application is how we apply force to the handle of the club, which allows us to transfer for through the clubhead. Combining the sequence of internal forces with the external forces applied to the handle leads us to studying the Kinematic Sequence. And together, understanding both the Kinetic and Kinematic Sequences of each golfer allows us to truly understand the best dynamic patterns for each golfer. When discussing functionality, we are looking at conditioning and the limitations of the body with regard to its’ present conditioning. While coaching golfers to “Own Their Swings” BioSwing Dynamics™ instructors screen their students to understand the structure of their bodies and how the structural influences help shape their swings. With regard to the Myelinator™ and the process of myelination we are able to use that information to program swing patterns that will allow each golfer to eventually “Own Their Swings.”

The partnership between BioSwing Dynamics™ and the Myelinator™ began with Howard Reisman studying “Secrets Of Owning Your Swing” – The Revolutionary Power-of-3 Golf Approach. While doing so he thought to himself that E.A. Tischler had the Gold Standard for golf instruction. Then Reisman contacted E.A. Tischler to discuss the possibility of joining forces, and that is when E.A. suggested the partnership between the Myelinator™ and BioSwing Dynamics™. At that time Tischler explained what he calls the “Five-Tier” process to “Owning Your Swing.” The 5 tiers are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. With that in mind Tischler has created protocols for training with the Myelinator™ that allow golfers to work through the process of owning their swings. The Bronze Level is where the basic Fundamentals are established. This is where we identify some of the key fundamental position and begin to myelinate them as well as the motion between them. The Silver Level is where we add in some more of the technical aspects as well as addressing some of the golfer’s structural influences. The Gold Level is where the golfer’s total structural package is identified and the complete training swing is established and myelinated. That involves performing all the biomechanical screenings and understanding how to incorporate the findings into the training swing patterns that will be myelinated. The Platinum Level is where we refine the process by adding in specific ground force and counter force applications. The Diamond Level is where we incorporate the finishing touches so that the golfers can completely Own Their Swings.

Certified BioSwing Dynamics™ instructors that are also certified Myelinator™ instructors are specifically trained in guiding golfers through the process of owning their swings with the assistance of the Myelinator™ technology. This partnership brings together two of the best ways of learning to own your swing in as timely a manner as possible. The Myelinator™ technology has been shown to help golfers greatly shorten the amount of time needed to internalize – myelinate – their swings, and BioSwing Dynamics™ has been shown to be one of the most effective approaches for improvement within golf instruction.

Joe Plecker "Training in golf has taken giant leaps forward with the Myelinator. Through deep practice, my students can ingrain their swing motions with precision and long term retention. The Myelinator is an essential part of my teaching program. "

- Joe Plecker, PGA Master Professional , Certified BioSwing Dynamics Instructor ,
GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America

"After I go through the BioSwing Dynamics testing with my students, I make sure that they use their most powerful and repeatable swing. One of very the best tools I use that makes them successful is the BioSwing Dynamics Myelinator. I set the swing parameters for them, and they use it to train their motion. The results from the use of the Myelinator has been simply amazing!"

- Jeff Smith, PGA Professional, Certified BioSwing Dynamics Instructor

Jeff Smith

BioSwing/Myelinator™ App

Download Your Myelinator™/BioSwing Dynamics App from the Apple or Android Store Today


MYELINATOR™ ACADEMY VERSION People Watching Someone Swing

Myelinator™/Academy is driven by MyelinatorCloud™. Student swings can be uploaded and downloaded anywhere in the Ecosystem. Instructors share in the Myelinator™ revenue generated. Students can book Myelinator™ training sessions through the Myelinator™ Manager App in the Apple and Android App stores.

FocusBand/Myelinator™ Integration

FocusBand, currently being used by the most elite players on the PGA Tour, is a neurofeedback device that reads brain activity. The left-brain can only download 40 instructions per second while the right brain can download up to 11 million instructions per second. FocusBand/Myelinator™ Integration gives the student the ability to strengthen the neurological pathways between brain and body much faster. FocusBand/Myelinator™ Integration also allows the student to train the entire shot routine including accessing the myelinated swing in ‘right brain’ or mushin under pressure.

Myelinator™/Force Plates

MYELINATOR™ Force Plates Force Plates

Statically, Myelinator™/ Force Plates are designed to be used in conjunction with Myelinator™ Academy and measure the PRESSURE (and heel/ toe position) at each of the static Myelinator™ positions. Dynamically Myelinator™ /Force Plates measure the vertical forces applied by the player to the ground and the position of his center of pressure of each foot during the golf swing. Myelinator™ / Force Plates are durable, wireless and portable and are offered through our partnership with Smart2Move AG.


MYELINATOR™ Home Version

Myelinator™/Home is also driven by MyelinatorCloud™, so student swings can be uploaded and downloaded from anywhere in the Ecosystem, just like with Myelinator™/Academy. Golf instructors keep and support students through this.



The MyelinationStation™ is designed to for more public venues as well as corporate environments. It is installed by any of our Myelinator™-certified network of instructors. MyelinationStation™ is contracted on a revenue share arrangement.



Myelinator™/TOUR  is designed specifically for both Tour Pros and Amateurs, who have already purchased Myelinator™/Home, to conveniently travel with their Myelinator™ between Tour stops or other home locations.


E.A. TIschler, Director of Instruction at Olympia Fields, CC ,Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor and Master Myelinator™ Coach working with students on Myelinator™ at a two-day 'Total Experience' workshop.

Benefits of BioSwing Dynamics/Myelinator™ Ecosystem

BioSwing Dynamics/Myelinator™ Ecosystem is designed to help golf students and instructors alike. Some of the many benefits are as follows:

Benefits for Instructors
• Experience More Success with Students
• Gain Leverage as Student Practices Solo
• Have a Path to Profitability

Benefits for Students
• Learn Faster — Up to 10X!
• Enjoy a Perfect Practice Environment with No Golf Balls
• Train Anywhere in the Ecosystem