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Myelinate Your Golf Swing With Own My Swing/Myelinator™

Virgil Herring, PGA Professional, Golf Channel Academy Coach, Own My Swing Master Performance CoachVirgil Herring, PGA Professional, Golf Channel Academy Coach,
Own My Swing Master Performance Coach

Matt Walter, PGA Professional, Own My Swing/Master Myelinator™ CoachMatt Walter, PGA Professional,
Own My Swing/Master Myelinator™ Coach

“All human skills reside in the brain, there is no muscle memory – it’s all about myelination,” according to Own My Swing/Master Myelinator™ Coach, Matt Walter. "The Myelinator™ is the first brain-centric training device designed specifically to ‘myelinate’ a golf swing utilizing 3D sensors, biofeedback and ‘deep practice’. The ‘Practice Made Perfect’ Myelinator™ has been proven to dramatically cut down the amount of time it takes for improvement (up to 10 x faster) and provides instructors the reassurance that their pupils are practicing perfectly!"

According to Golf Channel Academy Coach and Own My Swing Master Performance Coach, Virgil Herring. “The Myelinator™ gives us absolute proof that we are practicing correctly. The Myelinator™ will give us evidence and measurability to empirically change golf instruction for ever! With Myelinator we have the ability to strengthen the neurological pathways between brain and body such that players see rapid and massive results in their golf game all without ever hitting a golf ball”, Herring explained.

Now with MyelinatorCloud™, each and every student swing is personalized and becomes mobile for the first time ever, resulting in the ability for students to train with any Myelinator™ Certified Coach at any Myelinator location worldwide. The powerful MyelinatorCloud™ Ecosystem of Coaches, Myelinator/Academy, Myelinator/Home and Myelination Station students make this a total game changer for instructors and students alike!

Own My Swing/Myelinator™ App

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Myelinator™/Academy is driven by MyelinatorCloud™. Student swings can be uploaded and downloaded anywhere in the Ecosystem. Instructors share in the Myelinator™ revenue generated. Students can book Myelinator™ training sessions through the Myelinator™ Manager App in the Apple and Android App stores.

FocusBand/Myelinator™ Integration

FocusBand, currently being used by the most elite players on the PGA Tour, is a neurofeedback device that reads brain activity. The left-brain can only download 40 instructions per second while the right brain can download up to 11 million instructions per second. FocusBand/Myelinator™ Integration gives the student the ability to strengthen the neurological pathways between brain and body much faster. FocusBand/Myelinator™ Integration also allows the student to train the entire shot routine including accessing the myelinated swing in ‘right brain’ or mushin under pressure. 

Myelinator™/Force Plates

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Force Plates

Statically, Myelinator™/ Force Plates are designed to be used in conjuction with Myelinator™ Academy and measure the PRESSURE (and heel/ toe position ) at each of the static Myelinator™ positions. Dynamically Myelinator™ /Force Plates measure the vertical forces applied by the player to the ground and the position of his center of pressure of each foot during the golf swing. Myelinator™ / Force Plates are durable, wireless and portable and are offered through our partnership with Smart2Move AG.


MYELINATOR™ Home Version Home Package Set of MYELINATOR™

Myelinator™/Home is also driven by MyelinatorCloud™, so student swings can be uploaded and downloaded from anywhere in the Ecosystem, just like with Myelinator™/Academy. Golf instructors keep and support students through this.


MYELINATION™ STATION Multiple Sets of Displays and Mats

The MyelinationStation™ is designed to for more public venues as well as corporate environments. It is installed by any of our Myelinator™-certified network of instructors. MyelinationStation™ is contracted on a revenue share arrangement.


Myelinator™/TOUR  is designed specifically for both Tour Pros and Amateurs, who have already purchased Myelinator™/Home, to conveniently travel with their Myelinator™ between Tour stops or other home locations.