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The Myelinator™ Ecosystem Is a Golf Skills Game Changer!

Join a powerful Myelinator™ Ecosystem of students, Myelinator™-certified coaches and instructors, Myelinator™/Academy, Myelinator™/Home, and MyelinationStation™ users. We offer students golf swing portability across the Myelinator™ Ecosystem, allowing them more training options. Imagine not being limited or controlled by climate and weather. The Myelinator™/Manager App is available in the Apple and Android stores.

Revolutionary MyelinatorCloud™ Ecosystem - The Golf Wire 1/19/2017

Myelinate™ Your Golf Swing Anywhere

Myelinator™ uses disruptive technology that is changing the face of golf skills instruction. It is the perfect storm of technology, expertise, and a market that is badly broken and literally craving to be fixed. It represents a rare opportunity to be at the forefront of change. MyelinatorCloud™ drives The Myelinator™ Ecosystem. Each and every swing is stored in MyelinatorCloud™, allowing each student to 'own his or her golf swing' — with the ability to train with any Myelinator™ Certified Coach at any of the Myelinator™ locations worldwide. This scalability is a game-changer for students and instructors alike. The Myelinator™/Manager App is available in the Apple and Android stores.


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Benefits of the Myelinator™ Ecosystem

The Myelinator™ Ecosystem is designed to help golf students and instructors alike. Some of the many benefits are as follows:

Benefits for Instructors
• Experience More Success with Students
• Gain Leverage as Student Practices Solo
• Have a Path to Profitability

Benefits for Students
• Learn Faster — Up to 10X!
• Enjoy a Perfect Practice Environment with No Golf Balls
• Train Anywhere in the Ecosystem