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Myelinate Your Golf Swing With Bobby Clampett’s IZG /Myelinator™

Bobby Clampett and Howard ReismanBobby Clampett, Founder and CEO of Impact Zone Golf, Naples FL and CBS Masters Commentator
Howard Reisman, Own My Swing Founder

“Its all about myelination! All human skills reside in the brain – there is no muscle memory!” explains Bobby Clampett famed Tour Player, CBS Masters Commentator and CEO of Impact Zone Golf. “IZG/Myelinator™ is the first brain-centric training device designed specifically to ‘myelinate’ our Impact Zone, Impact-Based® teaching philosophy and metrics into a customized golf swing for the student. Impact Zone Golf® philosophy concentrates on impact, rather than focusing on swing style. After all, the best players in the world all have different swing styles - but are exactly the same at impact!
The ‘Practice Made Perfect’ IZG/Myelinator™ dramatically cuts down the amount of time it takes for improvement (up to 10x faster) and provides IZG Certified instructors the reassurance that their pupils are practicing perfectly. The IZG/Myelinator Ecosystem is driven by MyelinatorCloud™ with each and every swing stored in the cloud allowing students to literally own their swing – moving it to any location or any IZG/Certified Instructor.

According to Impact Zone Golf student and scratch golfer Garth Carter “I had been working on consistency and sequence in my swing, especially the driver. I have always driven the ball long just not always straight. And my swing was always based on timing. When I was introduced to the Myelinator™ at Impact Zone Golf everything changed.”
“With the Myelinator™”, continued Carter, “ Deep Practice’ was wonderful because I was able to fully conceptualize every position, especially from the downswing to follow through. Also I could understand some of the movements biomechanically that my body had never done before or had trouble with, so I could continue to work on them in the gym. Since my initial 100 Swing Challenge, my dispersion numbers have gone from 80ft off target to 50/40ft off target in a 10 shot pattern. I am currently working on my next 100 Swings and am super excited to continue my journey to be better and more consistent. Thanks to the Bobby Clampett’s Impact Zone Golf partnership with Own My Swing for this revolutionary accelerated training technology.”

More on Impact-Based® Teaching Philosophy

Teaching styles and golf swings vary as much as signatures, no two are exactly alike. How does one explain how Lee Trevino, Johnny Miller, Jim Furyk, Fuzzy Zoeller, Miller Barber, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Corey Pavin and many more have been some of the best ball-strikers in golf’s history, with such unusual and never duplicated swing styles? The answer reveals the secret golfers have long been seeking — their impact positions are almost all identical. The bottom line is not found in their style of swing but how wonderfully they are able to achieve great impact.The Impact Zone philosophy begins by identifying what that proper impact really is and how all golfers can achieve it. In so doing, golfers can have the knowledge of what they want to accomplish at impact through their swing. When impact is improved, scores go down and the enjoyment of the game skyrockets.

Myelinator™/Bobby Clampett App

Download Your Myelinator™/Bobby Clampett IZG App from the Apple or Android Store Today


Myelinator™/Academy is driven by MyelinatorCloud™. Student swings can be uploaded and downloaded anywhere in the Ecosystem. Instructors share in the Myelinator™ revenue generated. Students can book Myelinator™ training sessions through the Myelinator™ Manager App in the Apple and Android App stores.

FocusBand/Myelinator™ Integration

FocusBand, currently being used by the most elite players on the PGA Tour, is a neurofeedback device that reads brain activity. The left-brain can only download 40 instructions per second while the right brain can download up to 11 million instructions per second. FocusBand/Myelinator™ Integration gives the student the ability to strengthen the neurological pathways between brain and body much faster. FocusBand/Myelinator™ Integration also allows the student to train the entire shot routine including accessing the myelinated swing in ‘right brain’ or mushin under pressure.


MYELINATOR™ Home Version

Myelinator™/Home is also driven by MyelinatorCloud™, so student swings can be uploaded and downloaded from anywhere in the Ecosystem, just like with Myelinator™/Academy. Golf instructors keep and support students through this.



The MyelinationStation™ is designed to for more public venues as well as corporate environments. It is installed by any of our Myelinator™-certified network of instructors. MyelinationStation™ is contracted on a revenue share arrangement.



Myelinator™/TOUR  is designed specifically for both Tour Pros and Amateurs, who have already purchased Myelinator™/Home, to conveniently travel with their Myelinator™ between Tour stops or other home locations.


Above, Own My Swing Master Myelinator™ Coach, Matt Walter (left) with Bobby Clampett (center) , Founder and CEO of Impact Zone Golf, Naples FL and CBS Masters Commentator for the last 20 years. Bobby Clampett's Impact Zone (right) Golf Myelinator™ used at the IZG facilties in Naples FL.

Benefits of Bobby Clampett’s IZG /Myelinator™ Ecosystem

The IZG/Myelinator™ Ecosystem is designed to help golf students and instructors alike. Some of the many benefits are as follows:

Benefits for Instructors
• Experience More Success with Students
• Gain Leverage as Student Practices Solo
• Have a Path to Profitability

Benefits for Students
• Learn Faster — Up to 10X!
• Enjoy a Perfect Practice Environment with No Golf Balls
• Train Anywhere in the Ecosystem