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You can easily book a Myelinator™ Session to improve your golf game using our app on your mobile device or on your computer.

Myelinator App Variants

Download the Myelinator™ App for Your Mobile Device

  1. Using your smartphone, go to the Apple or Android App Store
  2. Search 'Myelinator™'
  3. Download & Install the App
  4. Book Your Session

Book a Session Using Your Desktop

You can book a Myelinator™ Session with any of the following Myelinator™ golf professionals:

BioSwing Dynamics/Myelinator™ East
BioSwing Dynamics/Myelinator™ Central
Bobby Clampett's Impact Zone/Myelinator™
Own My Swing/Myelinator™ East
Own My Swing/Myelinator™ Pacific

Buy Myelinator™/Home

Enjoy using this amazing new technology in the comfort of your home when you buy Myelinator™/Home from the online Own My Swing Pro Shop.