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Myelinate Your Golf Swing With PushGolf /Myelinator™

Bobby Clampett and Howard ReismanPeter Croker, Co-Founder, PushGolf, Melbourne, Australia (right)
Howard Reisman, Founder, Own My Swing aka MyelinatorMan (left)

For the past 25 years”, explains Co-Founder Peter Croker, "I’ve been developing what is now known as PushGolf™, a proven method of pushing the clubhead into the golf ball for solid ball compression, resulting in a natural clubhead lag and powerful, accurate, consistent shots. The PushGolf/ Myelinator™ Ecosystem we are launching in Australia will dramatically accelerate the student's learning process while helping our PushGolf/ Myelinator™ Instructors increase their profitability.”

“All human skills reside in the brain – there is no muscle memory!” explains Aussie Graham Boulton, co-inventor along with his son Henry Boulton, of both Myelinator™ and FocusBand. “Myelinator™ is the first brain-centric training device designed to ‘myelinate’ PushGolf teaching philosophy and metrics into a customized golf swing for the student”, continued Boulton.

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle explains how Myelin grows in the brain, and how each of us can have more of it. According to Coyle, "Myelin, the holy grail of skill acquisition, allows brain signals to propagate faster along pathways called axons. Recurring use of these axons (through deep practice) generates Myelin, which is like electrical tape for the brain, increasing propagation of electrical signals from 2 mph to 200 mph - it's like neural broadband! Axons that fire together- wire together!"

The ‘Practice Made Perfect’ Myelinator™ significantly cuts down the amount of time it takes for improvement (up to 10x faster) and provides PushGolf/Myelinator™ Certified Instructors the reassurance that their pupils are practicing perfectly. The Myelinator™ Ecosystem is driven by MyelinatorCloud™ with each and every swing stored in the cloud allowing students to literally ‘own their swing’ with the ability to book time through the Myelinator/PushGolf App (Apple or Android) at any location throughout Australia and around the world.

Peter Croker has dedicated his life to understanding the great game of golf. First as a touring professional and then as a golf coach. Peter’s past students include prime ministers, golfing greats and multiple PGA Teachers of the Year. Collectively, his past students have won 26 Major Championships, 149 US PGA tour, 106 European Tour and 468 Professional Events worldwide! Peter has played alongside champions such as Seve Ballesteros, Lee Trevino, Peter Thomson. Gary Player, David Graham, Kel Nagle, Bob Charles, Paul Runyan, Sam Snead. and Greg Norman.

Peter Crocker
Peter Crocker
Chris Beckett
Chris Beckett

PushGolf swing principles can be used to improve the playing professional, the scratch player as well as the higher handicap golfer. The principles of PushGolf were discovered and introduced by Australian PGA teaching professional Peter Croker, in conjunction with PGA teaching professional Chris Beckett. As a PGA Golf Professional with over 20 years coaching experience in Australia and Switzerland, Beckett has won 12 PGA Golf tournaments and has run successful golf tours and intensive schools for golfers in countries such as Scotland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and Australia. For more information goto

More on PushGolf Teaching Philosophy

PushGolf is a simple way to push the club into the ball that gives you that great sensation of compressing the golf ball, seeing it fly up in the air and straight to your target. It is friendly on the back and does not require the golfer to go into positions that are difficult to achieve.

If you look at the golf swing of any great golfer in slow motion on video replay, it looks like the golfer is pulling the golf club down towards the ball, and delaying the hitting action to the last possible moment (the “late hit”). What you will discover however is that by attempting to throw the clubhead directly down and out into the ball, as soon as possible, the “late hit” angles of clubshaft to lead arm will happen naturally. Just like you push a nail in with the strike of a hammer, you consciously PUSH the clubhead, down and out, into the ball for solid compression and controlled flight.

PushGolf is a complete way of improving your golf from Beginner to Tour Professional and just a simple change of thought on how you can strike the ball long and straight will change the way you see golf.

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Myelinator™/Academy is driven by MyelinatorCloud™. Student swings can be uploaded and downloaded anywhere in the Ecosystem. Instructors share in the Myelinator™ revenue generated. Students can book Myelinator™ training sessions through the Myelinator™ Manager App in the Apple and Android App stores.


MYELINATOR™ Home Version

Myelinator™/Home is also driven by MyelinatorCloud™, so student swings can be uploaded and downloaded from anywhere in the Ecosystem, just like with Myelinator™/Academy. Golf instructors keep and support students through this.



The MyelinationStation™ is designed to for more public venues as well as corporate environments. It is installed by any of our Myelinator™-certified network of instructors. MyelinationStation™ is contracted on a revenue share arrangement.



Myelinator™/TOUR  is designed specifically for both Tour Pros and Amateurs, who have already purchased Myelinator™/Home, to conveniently travel with their Myelinator™ between Tour stops or other home locations.

Benefits of PushGolf/Myelinator™ Ecosystem

The PushGolf/Myelinator™ Ecosystem is designed to help golf students and instructors alike. Some of the many benefits are as follows:

Benefits for Instructors
• Experience More Success with Students
• Gain Leverage as Student Practices Solo
• Have a Path to Profitability

Benefits for Students
• Learn Faster — Up to 10X!
• Enjoy a Perfect Practice Environment with No Golf Balls
• Train Anywhere in the Ecosystem